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Highly Specialized Courses

These courses are aimed at students possessing

specific competences of high standards and therefore wishing to deepen their technical and interpretative piano skills, with a view to important international competitions and more generally in order to prepare for their concert career. To complete and enrich an artistic profile every student will attend, alongside the instrumental courses, modules of Musical Aesthetic, Analysis, Chamber Music, Composition, English and Autogenic Training.



Master Classes

Periodically, the Academy offers master classes run by international artists in the form of both individual and group lessons to students participating in their final concerts, either as a solo, in an ensemble or with the orchestra.

The Academy will also recognise the best performances with the acknowledgement of the guest teacher. These musical initiatives offer the students of the Academy unique chances to learn from different styles and piano schools of the international musical scene, with the aim to increase and widen their experience and musical competencies. Master classes are also available for external students.



Basic Courses

The Academy offers basic instrumental courses for students either approaching study of their instrument or already possessing some knowledge at various pre-academical levels.


Qualified teachers, with specific experience, will take care of students' musical preparation with individual and group lessons, according to the didactic needs and teaching programme agreed with each student.


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