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Born in 1991 in Ottawa, Canada,

Ming Wong began his studies at the age of 5 and subsequently studied with Clark Bryan in London, Canada.

He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and then pursued a Master’s in piano performance at the University of Western Ontario under the guidance of Dr. John Hess.

Working with the pianist Cécile Ousset has also played an important role in his artistic development.

He has performed in festivals from a young age and has played in masterclasses of artists such as Matti Raekallio, Antonio Pompa-Baldi, Eduardo Delgado, Ilana Vered, Sara Buechner, among others.


He has given performances in Canada, US, France, and Italy and performance highlights include Chopin’s Second Piano Concerto with the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Uri Segal.


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