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Born the 3rd of January 1998 in Enna, at the age of 9 he begins studying piano guided by Bruno Ferraro. Driven by his passion for music, he attends a music course in middle school, where he's guided by his teacher Ms. Elisabetta Russo.

In these years he participates in several national competitions and music festivals, winning first and second prizes.

In 2011, he's guided by Giovanni Ferraro at his music high school "Liceo Musicale Napoleone Colajanni Enna".

In those years he plays at the Garibaldi Theatre, the Hall at the Governor Palace and the Pro Loco "Proserpina", in Enna. In 2016 he graduates high school with very high final grades and begins his studies at the "Vincenzo Bellini Istituto Superiore degli studi musicali" in Caltanissetta for a three year academic course with teacher Giuseppe Fagone and later with teacher Corrado Ratto.

In October 2017 he enters the Polyphonic Choir "Padre Enzo Cipriano" in Piazza Armerina as an accompanying pianist.

He attended master classes by Pietro De Maria, Siavush Gadjiev and Violetta Egorova. Currently he's training with teacher Violetta Egorova at the Rachmaninov Accademy in Catania.

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